Hairdresser’s creations take centre stage on ITV talent show ‘The Voice’

By Zoë Uglow in Local People

IT’S been ‘hair, hair, hair’ for one Launceston hairstylist who has seen his creations take centre stage on this year’s ‘The Voice UK’ — with more TV appearances and events in the pipeline.

Craig Chapman, of Craig Chapman’s Hair Design in the White Hart Arcade, Launceston, recently styled contestants’ hair on ITV’s The Voice UK. He has also worked on a number of other projects including the advert for both The Voice and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and is now looking toward working on ‘The Voice Kids’ and alongside the band ‘Steps’ during their promotion of the new album Scared of the Dark.

It was thanks to Craig’s agency team, sisters Penny and Jackie Tyson of ‘Alchemy Artist Team’, that he was given the opportunity to style the ‘soon-to-be-famous’ contestants on The Voice UK.

Speaking about the experience, Craig said: “It was amazing, just so exciting being on set working on the contestants’ hair.

“The people in the finals were who I thought would be there. I actually predicted Mo to win; we held a bit of a sweepstake between ourselves and during the battles I saw something in Mo that made me think he had what it takes. He not only had an incredible voice, but was a genuinely really nice guy — everyone deserved to be there though!”

During the live finals Craig worked alongside the finalists and other creative departments, such as make-up and wardrobe, to complete each contestant’s look. He said: “We had a lot of fun. About an hour before the show went live there was this excited panic — the atmosphere was electric.

“We had to work alongside make-up and wardrobe to get the final look completed. We were lucky in the sense that there was only one female contestant in the finals, the girls’ hair always takes a lot longer than the boys’. However, even with just the lads’ hair to do we all had an adrenaline rush before the announcement of ‘3, 2, 1…and we’re live!’”

Prior to the show, Craig was told he could share the on set experience with four girls from his Launceston salon. He said he had been ‘delighted’ they were able to accompany him throughout various stages of the show to get some real ‘hands-on’ experience working on a TV set with the contestants’ hair. The four girls were creative director Kayleigh DeVries, senior stylist Jennifer Kempthorne, stylist Jess Murrain and Craig’s niece and junior stylist Beth Chapman.

Craig said: “They kept changing how many of the girls I was allowed to bring along, I had to pick up and drop a few from time to time but in the end they all got a chance to do a show.

“Kayleigh, my creative director, did five of the live shows and Jess, Jen and Beth all got to do one show each. It was great they all got to have the experience and work on a TV show even if it wasn’t every single live show!”

He added: “There was even a clip of Jess on the ‘making of’ type part of the show. It was nice for her to get a bit of screen time. It was funny actually, Jess didn’t realise she was on it until it came on TV and we all pointed it out.

“It was a great achievement for us being able to work on The Voice and was also great for the girls to get some air time and be in the spotlight themselves!”

Craig is now looking toward his next venture, The Voice Kids, which has the same set up as the adult version but gives the younger generation the opportunity to battle it out for the top spot.

Craig said: “Well Britain’s Got Talent has started now — I did the advert for that too — but once that has finished airing The Voice Kids will start, in July I think.

“We have already done the pre-records and they only have one live show, the final, so I won’t have to be working on all the semi-finals etc like before.”

Craig didn’t work on the blind auditions stages of The Voice Kids as one of his friends in the industry was already part of the show. He later joined her and said he was ‘pleased to be able to share the experience with a dear friend’. He added: “It was only fair that I ask my friend, who had already been working on the blind auditions, to continue and share the rest of the experience with me!”

Speaking about the show, Craig said it was very different working alongside the children and was shocked to see they had little to no nerves as they prepared for their performances.

He said: “I think they only do one live final to reduce the pressure the kids are under. Having said that, I was shocked and quite frankly amazed seeing these kids perform; some do even better under the pressure, it’s like it doesn’t even faze them!

“I guess we, as adults, build our fears as we grow and create our own barriers, but as a child you don’t have any.

“Having done the adults’ show it’s inspiring to see the children’s confidence, these lot are fab and so calm and cool, doing backflips while they wait. When we asked the kids if they were nervous they would say ‘no, we are really excited’, however you ask the adults the same question and they could barely breathe.”

Craig also announced the exciting news that he is officially ‘looking after’ iconic dance-pop group Steps during the promotion of their new album Scared of the Dark.

Craig said: “I was at London Palladium on Wednesday [April 19], did MTV afterwards and on Friday [April 21] Steps had a This Morning appearance so I went up for that — my life is spent mostly in a car on the motorway!

“I have been looking after them throughout the promotion of their new album Scared of the Dark and I also did their hair for the new music video. They are also set to appear on Loose Women soon as well, so it’s busy-busy for me!”

It has certainly been a busy few weeks for Craig Chapman’s Hair Design and the workload doesn’t look like it will be easing anytime soon.

Craig concluded: “It’s just been hair, hair, hair for us all recently. Another success for the salon was when my creative director, Kayleigh, travelled up to Glasgow to do the hair for Mrs Brown’s Boys — a very proud moment.

“We have all had a busy few weeks and I am looking forward to continuing on to even more exciting challenges in the near future!”

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