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Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club race report — Sunday, April 30

Sailboat 3

SEVEN helms bravely turned up at Tamar Lake despite forecasts of gale force southerlies and were rewarded with gentle breezes. Bob Sampson (Laser) led away on starboard towards Dam Red Buoy. Sue Murray followed on port with Adam Hilton’s Solo next, but the Pollards (James and Brian) in the RS200 were second round the buoy and then came Nathan Pollard in his Laser Radial.

The course took the fleet via Middle and West to Far, mostly runs with Bob leading followed by Nathan, the RS200, Adam, Sue, Vicki Duncalf’s Topper and finally John Savage’s Solo. The RS had got past Nathan and John Savage overtook Vicki before the end of the lap.

The second lap still had Bob’s Laser and the RS200 at the front and Nathan and Adam were in a ding-dong battle for third, but the Solo went the wrong side of the Home1 mark and disqualified itself. Bob Sampson stretched his lead on lap three by judging his beats down the lake to perfection.

Otherwise the order remained the same, but the Laser 4.7 and the Topper had stayed close enough to the leaders to get hauled up the order on handicap.

Winner: Bob Sampson (Laser); Runner-up: Sue Murray (Laser 4.7); 3rd: V Duncalf (Topper); 4th: N Pollard (Laser Radial); 5th: J & B Pollard (RS200); 6th: J Savage (Solo); 7th: John Duncalf (Topper)

Disqualified: Adam Hilton, (Solo)

Pursuit 1

IN PURSUIT races the slowest boats start first and the others follow at intervals set by their handicaps.

The light airs continued and Vicki Duncalf’s Topper kicked off proceedings, followed eight minutes later by John Savage and Adam Hilton in their Solos.

Nathan Pollard’s Radial came another three minutes after them and Bob Sampson and the Pollards’ RS200 started together a further three minutes later.

By this time the Topper was at the top of the lake but at the end of the lap Bob Sampson had made huge gains and now lay third, three minutes behind Adam Hilton with John Savage and the Pollards bringing up the rear.

On the way down from Far, the leading Solo managed to get past Vicki Duncalf’s Topper and by the end of this second lap Bob Sampson had too, leaving him a dozen minutes to catch the Solo, a minute and a quarter ahead, and take the lead. In the event the wind favoured the Solo on the long runs up to Far and it stayed ahead to give Hilton the victory.

Winner: Adam Hilton (Solo); Runner-up: Bob Sampson (Laser); 3rd: V Duncalf (Topper); 4th: N Pollard (Laser Radial); 5th: J Savage (Solo)

Retired: J & B Pollard (RS200)

Many thanks were given to the officers of the day (Jane and Paul Anderson) and to Mandy Pollard for her photography.

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