Anderson makes it four consecutive wins at Upper Tamar Lake

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Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club race report — Sunday, May 14

Sailboat 4

AFTER an exhausting ‘Push The Boat Out’ day, much of the club stayed at home to recover despite the prospect of a handsome day with plenty of wind.

John Duncalf’s Topper was the first of eight boats to cross the start line. He may have been soon overtaken by Jane Anderson and a bunch of other Lasers, but he and Vicki Duncalf were never far behind the leaders and, finishing seven minutes behind Anderson, Vicki Duncalf was given second by the handicap and John Duncalf fifth.

By the time the fleet had rounded the second buoy – West White – on the first lap, the pattern had been set.

Mrs Anderson was chased by Mr Anderson (Paul) in first and second, Paul Anderson nearly overtaking when he got a lift but getting put back to third by a quick capsize on the last lap.

Nathan Pollard in his Laser Radial was third, chased by Sue Murray in her Laser 4.7. Then came the Solo, the Topper convoy and the Bosun which, flying Otter sails and unable to plane, didn’t have the necessary pace in the conditions.

Winner: Jane Anderson (Laser Radial); Runner-up: Vicki Duncalf (Topper); 3rd: S Murray (Laser 4.7); 4th: N Pollard (Laser Radial); 5th: J Duncalf (Topper); 6th: A Hilton (Solo); 7th: P Anderson (Laser); 8th: B Pollard & J Savage (Bosun)

Gosling, Ladies, Gents and Junior Cups

THIS was an afternoon of speed sailing; any boat that could plane did; up to Pinky, across the centre of the lake and up to Home One.

Laps were taking as little as ten (exhausting) minutes. But sadly none of the club’s real speed merchants (Bob Sampson, Steve Axford or James Pollard) were present!

Paul Whybrow had as usual joined the fleet for the afternoon race and he powered over the start line first. John Duncalf again started very well and this time so did Vicki Duncalf.

But of course the Lasers were faster on the beat past Zebra and across to West White and soon took control in the familiar order of Jane Anderson, Nathan Pollard and Sue Murray.

After them the Whybrow and Hilton Solos battled until a gust upended Whybrow on lap three. Then came the Toppers and the Bosun.

Winner: Jane Anderson (Laser Radial);

Runner-up: Vicki Duncalf (Topper); 3rd: N Pollard (Laser Radial); 4th: S Murray (Laser 4.7); 5th: J Duncalf (Topper); 6th: A Hilton (Solo); 7th: B Pollard & J Savage (Bosun)

Retired: P Whybrow (Solo)

Thanks were expressed to Toby Tobias (officer of the day) and Mandy Pollard (photograpy) for their help.

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