Chefs give an insight into the hospitality trade

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THE Falcon Hotel’s head chef and consultant gave students at Budehaven an insight into the world of hospitality recently.

Mike Moore, who has been the head chef for 28 years, and Peter Gorton, consultant, both from the Falcon Hotel in Bude, paid a visit to Budehaven school on Wednesday, June 21 to give students a chance to learn a little more about the different roles in the hospitality industry, as well as what opportunities there are for budding chefs, front of house staff and more.

This is all part of the Falcon Hotel’s aim to encourage young people interested in following a career in the hospitality industry, to gain the appropriate advice and training for their dream career.

Michelin-starred Peter Gorton began his career at the young age of 16, going on to train across the world. He has been the proprietor of the Horn of Plenty Country House Hotel, gaining many awards and accolades, including the Michelin Star, and went on to work at the Carved Angel restaurant, as well as cafes in Exeter, Taunton and Dartmouth.

Now the consultant at the Falcon Hotel, who is also a master chef of Great Britain, Peter told the Post: “The reason we did this is because we’re trying to engage with the local school, and explain the possibilities in hospitality. There are so many different roles and opportunities.

“When you look at catering, all we think of is, you’re a chef or you’re a waitress, but there’s actually so much more.”

Due to the shortage in staff in catering and hospitality at present, Peter wants to stress the importance of getting the future chefs, front of house staff, bar managers and wine connoisseurs of the industry on board.

He said: “We want to engage with young people and train them, because at the end of the day, they’re the ones who are the future of the industry. It’s always good to get young people on board and train them up to keep the industry going.”

Organised by Budehaven teacher, Anne Hassal, Mike and Peter’s demonstration at the school invited Year 10 and 11 hospitality and catering students along, as well as any other students in these year groups who were interested in getting hands-on and learning about a possible future career in hospitality.

There, Peter described the session as ‘a bit of fun’, encouraging students to not take themselves or the tasks too seriously. The students were able to ask questions and answer those put to them by Mike and Peter.

Peter continued: “Anne Hassal, the students’ teacher at the school, let me come up and have a demo with the students — I wanted to show them, it’s not all serious. I was very, very impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Along with watching the preparation of a Thai chicken salad, the students were able to take part in a game, where they discussed chillies, ginger and even chocolate, and a heads and tails competition was played with Peter’s own recipe book up for grabs as the prize, which was won by student, Jade.

Peter added: “Here at the Falcon, we want to support local talent. Mike Moore, who should have a special mention, also came along to help me. I wanted to make sure I could help him and get him involved, so he was doing the demo as well and supporting me. It was all about training everyone.”

The Falcon Hotel is keen to support local schools and young people with an interest in the industry. For more information about the Falcon Hotel, visit

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