Spiller and Anderson earn victories at a sunny Upper Tamar Lake

By The Post in Sailing

Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club race report — Sunday, July 9

Tamar 4

THIS was a day when the Lasers failed to dominate; they were prominent, but not dominant.

Brian Pollard (Taser) made a fine start and was first away. Jane Anderson (Laser) had passed him by the time they had reached Pinkie towards the top of the lake, but at the end of lap one Brian was still second and there were Solos situated in fourth and fifth.

Robin Spiller led the Streakers in seventh and John Duncalf led the Toppers. It was warm and fine and the winds, variable as ever, were propulsive enough to get the front-runners round a lap in about fifteen minutes.

On lap two, Sue Murray (Laser) took second place on the way to Pinkie but Brian Pollard was still attacking back at Dam Red and eventually regained his second place at Pinkie on lap three.

During the second lap, Paul Whybrow had taken fourth place as the leading Solo but he was passed by Penny Abbott’s Laser and stayed at fifth.

Roger Heasman (Streaker) hauled himself up from eighth at the end of lap one to fifth at the finish while Robin Spiller spoiled his chances with the briefest of capsizes. Vicki Duncalf cheekily overtook her husband at the last mark before the finish line although Jane Anderson was the winner once the handicaps had been applied!

Winner: Jane Anderson (Laser); Runner-up: Paul Whybrow (Solo); 3rd: S Murray (Laser); 4th: R Heasman (Streaker); 5th: A Hilton (Solo); 6th: J Buckett (Otter); 7th: P Abbott (Laser); 8th: R Spiller (Streaker); 9th: N Pollard (Laser Radial); 10th: B & J Pollard (Taser); 11th: V Duncalf (Topper); 12th: J Duncalf (Topper)

Cup 4

VICKI Duncalf and Nathan Pollard both got very good starts at the west end of the line and Nathan’s Laser was leading at the first mark (West White).

He was followed by Jane Anderson, Sue Murray and James Pollard (now at the helm of the Taser), all neck-and-neck, then came Roger Heasman leading Robin Spiller in the Streakers, Penny Abbott’s Laser and Paul Whybrow’s Solo.

By the end of the lap, James Pollard was third and Penny Abbott (Laser) was up to sixth.

Robin Spiller made himself the leading Streaker helm at Pinkie on lap two and on the run back to Dam Red, Nathan Pollard’s lead was threatened by Jane Anderson while Penny Abbott and Sue Murray competed behind the Taser.

After Dam Red, both Anderson and Nathan Pollard did penalty turns, so some bad behaviour must have occurred at the buoy! This gave James Pollard the chance to get past and he held the lead from then on.

On lap three it became clear that all the dinghies were obediently sailing in the order that their Portsmouth Yardstick handicap would suggest they should!

On the last lap, Anderson was threatening James Pollard’s lead but didn’t succeed in overtaking and Penny and Sue were in competition for fourth with Sue sneaking past on their last rounding of Dam Red. The rear of the field – John Buckett’s Otter and Vicki Duncalf’s Topper had kept well up with the rest, as was reflected in the results when the handicaps were applied.

The Taser, at the front of the field but with its impossible handicap, was last with Robin Spiller taking the victory.

Winner: Robin Spiller (Streaker); Runner-up: Jane Anderson (Laser); 3rd: Vicki Duncalf (Topper); 4th: John Buckett (Otter); 5th: P Whybrow (Solo); 6th: N Pollard (Laser); 7th: Sue Murray (Laser); 8th: Roger Heasman (Streaker); 9th: P Abbott (Laser); 10th: J & B Pollard (Taser)

Grateful thanks were expressed to Linda Spiller and Cilla Gilbert for running the races and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.

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