Another double for Anderson at Upper Tamar

By The Post in Sailing

Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club race report — Sunday, August 6

Teatime Tankard 1

JAMES Pollard’s Laser was the first of fourteen boats to cross the line on another of this summer’s windy, gusty Sundays, however it was Jane Anderson who took victory once the handicaps had been applied.

Linda Spiller’s 4.7 Laser followed Pollard early on with Anderson’s Topper hot on her heels.

Roger Heasman, who helmed the club Bosun when Sally Wills found there was more wind than she could cope with, was a little premature and had to go back.

Unfortunately having signed in with Sally at the helm, they had to be disqualified.

Nathan Pollard spoilt his start too. On the long beat across to the buoy at West, changes took place. James Pollard rounded the buoy first and kept his position on the water throughout the race. But Jane Chadney (Laser 4.7) was second, Adam Hilton’s Solo third and Penny Abbott (Laser Radial) fourth. By the end of the lap, Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial) had hauled himself up to third with Anderson following. On the second lap a broken kicker ended Chadney’s fine performance putting Nathan Pollard up to second and Abbott into third.

The Solo was ahead of the Topper, with Anderson planing on Hilton’s wake as they came back from Far buoy.

Toby Tobias, with Raily Graham as crew, was steaming along at eighth ahead of the Heasman/Wills Bosun and John Dabbs with Brian Pollard in the Gull. The Dabbs Gull and the Toppers were the biggest beneficiaries of the handicapping system with Anderson emerging victorious.

Winner: Jane Anderson (Topper); Runner-up: James Pollard (Laser); 3rd: N Pollard (Laser Radial); 4th: P Abbott (Laser Radial); 5th: J Duncalf (Topper); Joint-sixth: L Spiller (Laser 4.7) & A Hilton (Solo); 8th: T Tobias & R Graham (Bosun); 9th: J Dabbs & B Pollard (Gull); 10th: A Quartermain (Laser Radial)

Retired: P Whybrow (Solo), J Savage (Solo) & J Chadney (Laser 4.7) Disqualified: R Heasman & S Wills (Bosun)

Teatime Tankard 2

THE fleet was reduced to 11 boats for the afternoon race with Linda Spiller getting away first, followed by John Dabbs (still with Brian Pollard) and Paul Whybrow (Solo) who made the most of the beat to West and rounded that buoy first, before capsizing at Inlet.

But the Pollard boys (James and Nathan) were soon asserting themselves with James’ big sailed Laser leading Nathan’s Radial at the front.

Penny Abbott established herself in third followed by Linda Spiller and then Jane Anderson.

The Heasman/Wills Bosun found themselves in sixth, a couple of places ahead of Toby Tobias who was finding helming his Bosun without a crew a little too demanding on a day with gusts as big as they were.

The two Pollard boys finished nearly three minutes apart but the remarkable thing was that Nathan finished at all since the top section of his mast broke off as he approached the penultimate buoy!

But as was the case in the morning race, it was Jane Anderson who was celebrating victory once the handicaps had been applied.

Winner: Jane Anderson (Topper); Runner-up: James Pollard (Laser); 3rd: J Duncalf (Topper); 4th: N Pollard (Laser Radial); 5th: P Abbott (Laser Radial); 6th: R Heasman & S Wills (Bosun); 7th: L Spiller (Laser 4.7); 8th: A Hilton (Solo); 9th: J Dabbs & B Pollard (Gull)

Retired: Paul Whybrow (Solo) & Toby Tobias (Bosun)

Grateful thanks were expressed to Bob Sampson and Cilla Gilbert for being the Officers of the Day and to Mandy Pollard for the photos.

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