BUDE Coastguard Rescue Team were paged just before 1.30pm on Saturday, January 19 and tasked to Crooklets beach following a request from South West Ambulance Service to the Coastguard Operations Centre (CGOC) in Falmouth for emergency assistance to locate and extricate a 35-year-old female with a leg injury.

The team was further informed that the lady was in a highly precarious position, lying below the tide line and among rocks, facing a fast approaching tide and with a significant swell running.

With an ambulance en route, the team arrived at Crooklets beach. Having quickly donned either water rescue or life jackets, the team grabbed the emergency first aid bag and the alpine stretcher and swiftly made their way to the lady.

With a first responder on scene and comforting the lady, the initial diagnosis and primary survey of the casualty had already been completed.

A spokesperson said she was suffering from a suspected, and clearly very painful, broken lower leg.

With waves now just a few feet away the decision was made to get her on to the stretcher as hastily but as carefully as possible and evacuate her to safety, across the rocks and away from the incoming tide.

With the lady strapped onto the stretcher, the team carefully made their way through the rock lines and onto the beach, just as paramedics were arriving on scene.

Once in a safe position, the stretcher was lowered to the ground and paramedics administered pain relief to her, before the team then carried her onward to the waiting land ambulance, within which she was taken to hospital.