A LOCAL beekeeping group have warned of the dangers of an invasive species which could pose a threat to pollinators.  

Launceston Beekeeping Group has asked residents to keep an eye out for the Yellow Legged Hornet, also known as the Asian Hornet.

The insects can reportedly become aggressive when defending their nests. Preying on a variety of insects, the biggest worry is their threat to honeybees, as one Asian Hornet alone can kill up to 60 honeybees per day. 

Now, Launceston Beekeeping Group has warned of the dangers of the yellow-legged pest, a spokesperson explained: “In 2022, just 16 Asian Hornet nests had been discovered in this country but in 2023, this increased to 72 nests in 56 different locations.  

“The majority were in the South East but viable nests were discovered and destroyed around Plymouth. probably imported via the RORO ferry. 

“If not destroyed there is real concern that this non-native insect will become established throughout the UK 

“Please help us spot and report Asian Hornet sightings as we head towards spring and into 2024. 

“Asian Hornets can be identified via very distinct markings - they are two or three times the size of a common wasp and are black with a distinct yellow lower leg.”