AFTER suffering a life-changing event in 2015, once again Bradley Olde from Morwenstow has completed the five-day kayaking challenge for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), raising £1,269 in the process.

Brad was a very fit and healthy 20-year-old when he suffered a cardiac arrest and brain injury in 2015.

Last May Brad undertook the kayaking challenge to raise funds for the MCS because of his love of the sea, which led him to receiving the award for Individual Fundraiser of the Year at the society’s annual genral meeting last year.

This year the event was held along the Salcombe coastline, where the sea kayakers would paddle to secluded coves and collect rubbish along the way.

Their words were: “At first we thought it was quite a clean beach but when we looked closer, there were a lot of tiny pieces of polystyrene. As you can see from the picture, they could be easily mistaken for cuttlefish!”

Some days the waves were pretty choppy, so they had to kayak confidently and it took a lot of effort. On other days, they were able to see many types of fish, sea urchins and anemone.

Brad said: “A big thank you to all the people who donated in support of me and the Marine Conservation Society.”

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