TREGADILLETT BROWNIES recently celebrated their 45th ‘birthday’ in style.

As their actual birthday was in April, it wasn’t convenient to hold a party until May to give them time to invite guests along to join them.  Several ex-Brownies were able to come along and help with the celebrations during the evening. No party would be complete without a few games and of course a wonderful birthday cake that was specially made.

The evening started with the traditional Brownie song and then everyone shared their best memories from their time at Brownies. The girls had made a poster the previous week to show what their favourite things were about Brownies. Of course, as so many of their meetings have been via Zoom over the past couple of years, there were lots of memories from doing things virtually.

The memories varied from craft evenings, making their Promise and favourite games — such as ‘knife, fork, spoon’ from the zoom evenings. Several girls particularly enjoyed taking part in the two virtual pack holidays as they had been unable to actually go away as in previous years.

The girls had been asked to make sure that they brought their badge sash along with them to show off the badges — one of the ex-Brownies impressed everyone by bringing not only her sash and badges but by wearing her original Brownie T-shirt!

The girls also were treated to some video messages from ex-Brownies who were unable to attend the celebrations.

Finally after the candles had been lit and everyone had sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to themselves, the celebration photograph took place. This will be added to one of the four ‘Pack photograph albums’ — which are a photographic record of most of Tregadillett Brownie’s history. These albums are always on show for special occasions, especially when ex-Brownies come to visit.  It’s always fun to find the photos from their time as a Brownie and relive their experiences.