Tregadillett Brownies had a fun-filled time at their annual Pack Holiday.

Thirteen of the group’s Brownies went on an adventure, staying in Crantock, near Newquay as part of this year’s Pack Holiday.

Accompanied by Brown Owl Sara Fuge, Tawny Own Sally Adams, and Snowy Owl Beth Martin, the girls took the pilgrimage to the Cornish coast. With their singing voices primed, the journey flew by in no time.

Once they arrived, it was time to test their teamwork, creating a human chain to unload the van and get unpacked into the hall.

With everything unloaded and bellies fed, after lunch, it was time to flex their artistic skills. Sara Fuge, the group’s Brown Owl said: “The theme for this holiday was ‘The Little Mermaid’ so all the crafts were tailored around that. The first craft was to make a mermaid shaped hair slide using lots of sequins to decorate it. That was very sticky but a great success. They had to dry before they could be stuck to the actual hair slide but the results were beautiful.

“The first night is always a bit exciting and some of the girls can be a little apprehensive as it is often the first time that they have been away from home by themselves. As usual it was quite late before everyone was asleep and had stopped wriggling!”

But the excitement wasn’t over yet, the next day saw the group make a visit to Newquay Zoo. The day offered insightful talks about animals kept on site.

“The Brownies even showed how they had taken inspiration from the ring-tailed lemurs,” explained Sara. “Apparently, the lemurs use their long stripey tails to show where everyone is and to keep the group together - just like when the Brownies wear their special neckers (that look a bit stripey when they are worn on a day out!) so that the ‘Owls’ can keep an eye on them!

As well as this, the trip offered a chance to explore Crantock, visiting some of it’s local cafe’s and parks. Sara said: “The official ‘ending’ of the holiday was in fancy dress and so most people – including the adults dressed up to present the badges and certificates to the girls.

“Brown Owl would like to thank the girls for being a great bunch and who behaved wonderfully while out at the zoo but most of all - the other Leaders: Beth Martin, Sally Adams and Emma Boucher. Every time we put on a Pack Holiday, it couldn’t be done without the adult helpers and so a massive thank you to them all!”