FOLLOWING a recent full council meeting, Bude-Stratton Town Council elected a new mayor and deputy mayor of the town.  

At last night’s full council meeting (May 2), council members heard from those wishing to stand for election as both mayor and deputy mayor for Bude-Stratton.  

Following several presentations, the council voted to elect councillor Steven Haynes as the town’s mayor and councillor Ethan Hanna as deputy.  

In a speech to the council, Cllr Haynes he expressed that he aims to encourage the opinions and views of all on the council while also seeking to defend the decisions made democratically by the council.  

Also presenting to the council, Cllr Hanna expressed his desire to be able to contribute to the community and hoped that this new roll would allow him to achieve that more fully, with his aim to positively affect the issues which are affecting people’s lives in the area. 

Both paid tribute to Cllr Mike Dawe, previous mayor, and Cllr Phillipa Purchase, deputy mayor, for their work across the last year.  

A Bude-Stratton Town Council spokesperson said: “Congratulations to Cllr Steven Haynes and Cllr Ethan Hanna, We look forward to their fresh perspectives and leadership throughout the coming year.”