A chef from Bude hopes to impart some of his culinary wisdom as he releases his first book. 

Dave Sargent has been working as a chef for 27 years, and now with the upcoming release of his new book, he hopes to offer some of his know-how to cooks of all abilities. 

Growing up in Bude, Dave always knew that there were only two career paths for him. Accepting he probably wasn’t going to make it as a footballer, he naturally pursued his passion for working in kitchens. From the very first day he put on full chef whites, he knew this was the path for him, and he was ready.

Getting his first kitchen job at 14, seven years later, Dave was able to take on the role of ‘chef’.

Now, having worked as a chef for 27 years, and as a private chef for 16 of those, he is releasing his debut cookbook, ‘A Private Table & Thoughts of a Private Chef’. 

The book features around 40 recipes, each with its own story of some of Dave’s experiences within his work. 

Speaking to the Post, Dave explained: “The book has a variety of different recipes in it for various skill sets. 

“It’s a collection of some of my own favourite recipes along with hints and tips on hosting your own dinner party and stories that have happened to me while privately cooking.”

Unlike other cook books, it’s not only about the recipes, it also offers an insight into the life of a private chef, something not many people know about. 

Dave added: “It’s a journey, in the book it has canapés starters mains, desserts and petit fours, along with stunning property pictures supplied by Cornish company Unique Home Stays, so you can experience what it’s like having a private chef in your house.”

His goal of releasing a book came after a spate of lockdowns in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. During that time, Dave completed 60 days of ‘cook along’ live videos to an audience on Facebook, and following that, he was asked if he would release a book. 

However, the release of this book is more than that, he explained: “I also wanted to prove to my kids anything is possible.”

Dave believes that bringing fine dining to people’s homes is the ultimate memorable experience. Not just for guests to sample quality food, but for him to meet fascinating people along the way and bring everybody together.

With the book launching this week, Dave hopes that cooks across the country can experience their own little slice of private dining.

However, for those that are unsure where to start amongst all of chef Sargent’s cooking expertise, he added: “Duck bon bons are my favourite dish in the book.” 

More information about the book and Dave’s work can be found on his website www.chefsargent.co.uk