Two Bude coastguard rescue officers have been praised as ‘trailblazers’ after attaining a new qualification.  

Vic and Lottie, part of the Bude coastguard rescue team, successfully attained the title of rope rescue technicians.  

A rigorous examination marked the culmination of two and a half years of training, with the pair becoming the first females within the Bude team to achieve the qualification.  

It means that the pair are able to assist their colleagues to any emergency that may occur on the cliffs of the area served by the coastguard rescue team.  

The duo’s success means that there are now four coastguard team members who hold the title of rope rescue technicians. 

A spokesperson for Bude Coastguard Rescue Team said: “January 4 marked a moment of great pride for our team as two of our female Coastguard Rescue Officers successfully attained the title of rope rescue technicians.  

“This achievement not only reflects their dedication and perseverance but also establishes them as trailblazers, being the first females in the Bude team to attain this highly challenging qualification. 

“Following two-and-a-half years of rigorous training, Lottie and Vic underwent a long assessment afternoon and evening on the cliffs just south of Northcott Mouth, with the physically demanding evaluation orchestrated by Senior Coastal Operations Officers, who closely scrutinised their performance during multiple evolutions, encompassing a diverse range of rescue techniques, and all conducted after dark. 

“With their successful qualification, the number of Rope Rescue Technicians in our team has now reached four, who, along with the rest of the team, are all poised to respond promptly to any emergency on the cliffs. Congratulations Vic and Lottie!”