THIRTY-TWO-year-old mum of two, Katie Davis, from Bude recently completed a remarkable sporting achievement.

She set herself a target of running across Devon from coast to coast by completing a marathon every Sunday in April.

Katie had already run from Ilfracombe to Mary Tavy with stops at Fremington and Hatherleigh, following the Route 27 cycle path and on Sunday, April 25, she finished her 104.8 mile challenge by running from Mary Tavy to Plymouth.

Katie, who has been accompanied by her brother David said: "The route was spectacular and we had a fantastic finish at Plymouth Hoe with lots of family and friends to greet us. I feel so proud to have completed this challenge and hopefully we will raise a lot of money for North Devon Cancer Care.

"I am going to have a few days rest now and then focus on getting ready for the Edinburgh Marathon on May 23."

Katie owns and runs the Castle Restaurant in Bude with her husband Kit and has a four-year-old son, Ned, and a year-old daughter, Olive. She decided to take on this massive test of her stamina and fitness to raise money for breast cancer charities after a health scare of her own last year.

"It did really stop me in my tracks. Even by rubbing shoulders with the possibility of breast cancer, I got the briefest glimpse into how terrifying a disease this is and what an amazing job they are doing both at Stratton Medical Centre, by referring me straight away, and also at North Devon District Hospital breast clinic. Also it brought home the fact that you should have any symptoms checked out as soon as possible," said Katie, who was given the all clear after a series of tests.

"The staff at the NDDH breast clinic were amazing, and I was treated with dignity, compassion and understanding at all times. I am running because I love it, because it is a huge part of my life and also because I can. I have a daily physical reminder of how lucky I am, so when the idea of running Devon in a month of Sundays didn't go away but instead began to take shape, it felt right for me to do it – a chance to help women who haven't been as lucky as me as well as a thank you for the treatment I received."

Katie has been running for about 18 months and is a group leader with the Women's Running Network, a movement founded in 1998 in Devon to inspire women of all ages to run for fun and fitness.

"Being part of the Women's Running Network is inspirational. I take a group out every Tuesday and I must admit I was pretty tired after running those marathons on a Sunday but going out with my group gave me new legs," she said.

She added: "I initially started running in order to lose weight after having Olive. Running just felt brilliant so I kept on and have now completed three half marathons and several other races.

"Sometimes it seems like running coast to coast is not enough of a challenge but with two small children, helping with the restaurant, and the occasional once over with a jay cloth inside the house, it's challenge enough for me as things are now."

Katie's husband Kit will be joining her in participating in the Edinburgh Marathon next month.

Katie added: "If anyone would like to sponsor us, you can visit my website,"> and click on the 'fundraising' link."