It has been a busy half term at Altarnun Primary School.  

Students have been getting stuck into a variety of activities, from geology, environmental art, football, and even welcoming a space dog.

Class 2 explored many different types of rocks: slate, sandstone, marble and many more. When testing their durability, students discovered that sedimentary rocks tend to be crumbly. The group then investigated the density of rocks by placing them in water. It was a fun and informative journey into the world of geology.

Meanwhile, this half term, some of the school’s younger students channelled their inner Andy Goldsworthy, taking inspiration from nature to create some stunning artworks. 

From the ground around us, to the sky and beyond above, pupils had an absolute blast in assembly as they joined forces with 1,200 other schools across the UK for an out-of-this-world experience.

In a large interactive call, they dove headfirst into the cosmos, exploring the wonders of space together. The highlight of the session was witnessing the awe-inspiring launch of a satellite into the great unknown.

But that’s not all – hosts of the experience brought an extra touch of magic by introducing Luna, their adventurous dog, who embarked on a cosmic journey of her own in a rocket.

A spokesperson from the school explained: “It’s incredible to think about the power of collective learning, and today, our pupils were part of something much bigger. Thank you all for joining in on this stellar experience, and let’s continue to inspire a love for exploration and discovery!”  

Finally, Class 3 showcased their football skills and enjoyed a day filled with friendly matches and activities during Launceston College’s Football Festival.