For some St Piran’s Day is an opportunity to indulge in all things Cornish, a nice pasty, a cold cider, and looking out over one of the Duchy’s many stunning views. However, for one group St Piran’s Day 2024 meant pushing their bodies to the limit.  

Camelford Up and Running took on the massive challenge of not only visiting but running a mile in every town across Cornwall – 31 towns, 31 miles and more than 250 miles of travel.  

Established around eight years ago, the group was set up to invite local, like-minded runners to run together. Ever since, the group has been thriving, with their fluid system allowing any member to plan and invite other runners to a session.  

Matt Allan, founder of the group, told the Post that Camelford Up and Running has gained a reputation for whacky challenges. He said: “Camelford Up and Running has quite a reputation for some weird and wonderful challenges to motivate and engage its members. We do like to come up with ideas which have hopefully never been done before.   

“In November 22 myself and running buddy Jon Statton ran 24 miles from Camelford to Rick Stein’s Fish and Chip Shop in Padstow. I’m pretty sure we still hold the record for running the furthest for Rick’s Fish and Chips! Last year on St Piran’s Day, five of us ran to the Cornwall Devon border some 18 miles away. We had a Cornish cream tea and a Cornish pasty at the border near North Tamerton. 

“This year, 16 of us are attempting to run a mile in every town of Cornwall. This was an idea we had a little while ago, and what better time to do this but for St Piran’s Day! I don’t think this has ever been done before so hopefully this will be another first for Camelford Up and Running.” 

With their running shoes tied, on March 3 the group took to the streets to take on this mammoth task. 

Matt continued: “Thank you so much to our family, friends and complete strangers who supported us on route. 

“We had many people approach us saying they had been following us online and were hoping to find us. 

“Thank you for so many well wishes we all received throughout the challenge, either online, or in person. We wish we could reply to each of you but there are literally hundreds, if not thousands! 

“We would also like to thank everyone who donated money. We kept an eye on our fundraising total throughout the day and seeing the total constantly rise was so uplifting for all involved. Myself and Sam would personally would like to thank everyone on our minibus. 

“Whether you ran all, some, or were just there for the support, the thank you dearly. We’d especially like to thank Pete, our driver, who volunteered his whole day to drive for us.  You guys made this as special as it was. 

“Camelford Up and Running’s age old saying that “Great company makes for a great run” lives on without a doubt in our mind!” 

Having raised more than £900 so far, donations can be made to the team’s GoFundMe: