Following a successful bid to the Woodland Trust Aqua Stars Lifesaving Club were the first Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) Club in the country to create their own biodiversity areas.

Working with their host, Ruby Oak Park, and Bude Dive Club members (who use the Park for their winter training)the Rookie lifeguards, along with their families and Lifesaving Academy members planted over 400 trees to create new wildlife corridors.

By linking existing woodlands and habitats, the young lifesavers were able to create new areas for the small mammals and inspects that already roam the park’s natural areas. 

The young leaders within the group ran a series of workshops, investigating the possible planting locations and mix of saplings needed to create the best habitats.

Assisted by the deputy mayor of Holsworthy, Debbie De Ste Croix, and the President of the RLSS, Debbie Hunt, a rare dry afternoon in Devon was enjoyed bringing the planned areas to life.

Andy Squirrell, club coach, said it was great to help the team explore the planting options and ensure a great bio-diversity mix that will benefit the environment for years to come.

The young leaders served hot chocolate and cake following a successful planting afternoon to the cold but happy, planters.

For more details on Aqua Stars Lifesaving club please contact Ruby Oak Park at [email protected] or contact Andy Squirrell on 01409 221580.

Further information for Bude dive club can be found via