IT was reported that Launceston College had ‘wonderful’ results this year, with average grade performance rising.

There have been particular gains by the school’s STEM subjects with students twice as likely to achieve A/A* grades compared to non-STEM subjects. The school has successfully implemented smart learning tool Up Learn in STEM subjects, timetabling the AI-powered education platform in place of free periods in the sixth form.

Up Learn’s mission is to transform education by delivering a world-class, tailored learning experience to all students. Up Learn’s comprehensive A-Level courses ensure that any student can attain A* to A grades, no matter their background or starting point. Up Learn’s proprietary artificial intelligence identifies a student’s strengths and weaknesses and ensures that they learn what they need to, exactly when they need to. As a result, they master topics much faster and retain information for far longer than they would when using traditional learning techniques.

Up Learn’s goal is to create the most effective learning experiences in the world - an education solution where every student learns successfully regardless of their background - and distribute access to everyone. Up Learn has taken a scientific approach to education - using the best practices established by cognitive and behavioural science research, and then taking a scientific and data-driven approach to iterate and improve our learning experiences. Up Learn’s products aim to be the fastest way for any individual to successfully learn their subject from beginning to end or from any starting point to end, where ‘end’ is an A* in their exam.

Launceston College reports that Up Learn has been highly valuable to its teachers and students. Teachers have reported higher attainment and are better able to monitor students and ensure that no pupil falls behind.

Launceston College principal Jenn Burn, added: “Students studying A Level psychology, biology, chemistry, maths and physics have benefited enormously from using Up Learn to structure their studying and revision outside of lessons. A really welcome additional advantage of introducing Up Learn to the Sixth Form has been the positive impact of encouraging all students, across all our A level subjects to develop and maintain a fantastic work ethic. We are delighted with our students hard work and achievements.”

This falls in line with wider trends in the education sector, particularly discussions around learning loss as a result of COVID. Much of the national discussion for this year’s A Level results has focused on the pandemic’s long lasting impact on attainment, including the missed valuable exam practice at GCSE.

However, Launceston College’s partnership with Up Learn has helped to bridge the attainment gap, with positive results in Up Learn’s STEM subjects. STEM performance at the college is particularly excellent as the A to A* rate is double vs non-STEM subjects.

Scott Mann, Conservative MP for North Cornwall visited the school during results day and expressed his delight at Launceston College’s results: “I am very pleased to see that we have received so many good results at Launceston College today.

“I’m very proud of all the students, teaching staff and Up Learn that have supported them through their courses. My very best wishes to them for the future as they begin their careers, apprenticeships and university experiences.”