ALTHOUGH current COVID-19 guidelines prevent people meeting up for walking groups, daily exercise is still permitted and Evelyn Sharman from Chilsworthy’s ‘Inter Parish Footpath Walks’ group has shared details of a recent walk, hoping to encourage others to get out in their local area.

Evelyn said: “Ordinarily, I would be sharing the new programme of walks for the next ten months with you. However, with the best will in the world, nobody can describe our current situation as ordinary!”

Prior to lockdown Gillian Aston from Holsworthy Walk and Talk took Evelyn on a socially distanced loop walk near Leworthy Woods in Pyworthy.

Evelyn said: “Recently, my friend Gill Aston kindly showed me a lovely circular walk that started at the entrance to Leworthy Woods in Pyworthy. There is limited parking which made it a bit awkward as we had to drive there separately but we got there early and it was very quiet.

“We followed the track heading south east. If you look at a map, it confirms that the route took us past France. I wonder where that name originates from?

“The footpath took us across some beautiful frosty fields and involved a bridge that enabled us to cross the River Deer. We joined the road opposite the entrance to East Down. It was a strange feeling as I wasn’t quite sure where we were but then I realised that we were on the Chasty to North Tamerton Road.

“We turned right towards North Tamerton and I started to recognise some of the places that we would have passed on our walks in Clawton. That didn’t last long! Gill led the way down a track on the right hand side. It was very narrow and serves as the access to Forda Mill.

“We re-crossed the River Deer before accessing Affaland Moor. This part of the route is officially classed as a BOAT (Bywayopen to all traffic). We stayed on the track that goes straight across the middle of the moor & met the North Tamerton to Pyworthy road.

“By turning right and right again towards Leworthy, we completed a loop of approximately four miles. It made a really nice circular walk on a frosty morning especially as this was new territory for me.”

Evelyn added: “I hope the weather will be kind which will encourage everyone to make the most of our beautiful countryside.”