A crisp packet from 1977 featuring Kevin Keegan has been discovered after washing up on a beach.

The bag, more than 45 years-old, was found by a dog walker on a beach in Cornwall.

The packet features the picture and printed signature of former England footballer Keegan and the chance to buy one of his endorsed "Superstar" tracksuits for £4.98.

Lisa Beckley, 50, found the packet of chicken Smiths crisps while walking her two dogs at Daymer Bay, near Wadebridge, on Sunday.

The self-employed dog groomer said she also "totally gob smacked" at its pristine condition.

She said: "I would love to know what its journey over the last 40 odd years has been."

The orange, brown and white packet features a picture of a famously permed Kevin Keegan on the front, along with his signature.

The back contains the information about the offer, including a closing date of October 1, 1977.

Kevin Keegan played for clubs including Liverpool, Newcastle, Southampton, and made 63 appearances for England between 1972 and 1982.

The back of the 1977 crisp packet washed up on a Cornish beach
The back of the 1977 crisp packet washed up on a Cornish beach ((Lisa Beckley/SWNS))

Lisa admits she finds it "concerning" how such an old piece of rubbish has washed up on the coast.

She explained: "If we are finding packaging from all that time ago it makes you wonder how much is out there still floating about and that could be older. 

"I think a lot of people seem to think it will all eventually disappear and it’s not their concern. 

"So many people had walked past the crisp packet as it was very busy on Sunday, no one had bothered to stop to pick it up. 

"Even with the tide almost in I made the effort to get it."

Lisa says she litter picks every time she takes a walk on the beach and believes people should "try do their bit for the planet as and when possible".

She added: "I always have poop bags on me so end up filling several of them up. 

"Even on Watergate bay I dragged a full size heavy plastic fish tray that had been washed up back with me, and I dragged it along with ghost net string that was very long and perfect for the job – I felt like a ice cap explorer as tied it around my waist as it was so heavy to drag it. 

"I feel everyone should be armed with a bag and do their bit but being honest when I do walk on the beach you don’t very often see people picking up. 

"Holidaymakers certainly don’t."

A spokesperson from City To Sea, a not-for-profit organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution at its source say the impacts of single-use plastic are creating issues worldwide.

They said: "The overproduction and consumption of single-use plastic is creating a global environmental and humanitarian crisis.

"Every year we use millions of tonnes of the stuff and it’s becoming clear that we can’t recycle our way out of our plastic problem – there is no magical ‘away’. 

"Plastic is not only polluting our planet, and contributing to the climate crisis, but it’s making its way into our bodies through the air we breathe and the food we eat.

"Single-use plastic that we used decades ago is still present in the environment and unless we take action the problem is only going to get worse! 

"We urgently need to shift from our disposable, single-use culture to a more sustainable, circular future, with reuse and refill at the centre.”