RESIDENTS have expressed their disappointment after Launceston’s community woodland was subject to flytipping.   

The community woodland, which is located on the Pennygillam Industrial Estate, opened only last year after extensive work carried out by volunteers and local businesses.   

However, this week (February 9), residents walking through the site have spotted that it is looking less than up to standard after it appears flytippers have dumped unsightly trash in the beauty spot. 

Bags of rubbish, cardboard, wood and even windows are among some of the waste which has been left.  

Sophie Pooley, a resident who walks the woods during her lunch break at work, told the Post that the mess she witnessed came merely months after a community project to improve and maintain the woods, including a new wood-chipped path and other maintenance of the nature facility.  

She said: “It’s deceptive in the pictures how bad it actually is, it’s worse than the pictures show.  

“The flytipping and mess is horrific. There are plastic bags tied to trees, dog mess, bottles of urine alongside all this commercial waste. I believe it is mostly business owners dumping and lorry drivers parked up sleeping. 

“When it becomes broken glass and crushed tins of drink and metal sheets, it’s definitely a hazard for the dogs and those who use the woods and as for the bottles of urine, that’s potentially a biohazard.” 

Following the incident, a spokesperson from the Forest for Launceston team expressed their sadness at the situation. 

They said: “The Forest For Launceston volunteers are saddened and disappointed by the recent fly tipping in the woodland.  

“They are reaching out to a number companies to help remove the rubbish.  

“They would like to stress that although it is appalling to think someone would act in such a disgraceful manner, and the images do show a significant amount of rubbish it is only in a very small part of the woodland.  

“We encourage members of the public to stay away from it until the team can organise it to be removed, though the rest of the woodland is still very much open for the community to enjoy.  

“If anyone has any information they are encouraged to report it to Cornwall Council and the police as it is a criminal offence.  

“It is such a shame that the selfish act by a few has spoilt an area of nature for the community and poses a hazard for nature.”