Several of Launceston’s car parks could lose their free Sunday parking privileges if Cornwall Council’s proposals are approved.

Launceston’s Castle Street, Cattle Market, Pannier Market, and Walkhouse car parks are among the dozens that could be affected by the changes. 

This is part of the council’s upcoming consultation which will decided whether to place Cornwall’s car parks into three charging ‘zones’ — A, B or C — to determine the rates being charged to motorists. 

Currently more than 30 car parks operated by the council offer free parking on Sundays. However, the council has said it is looking to ‘standardise’ its car parking charges, which could see those in the higher proposed zones charging as much as £2.20 per hour for parking.

Cornwall Council says by simplifying the tariffs they hope to make parking charges easier to understand for residents and visitors.

The council is also looking to scrap free parking in the following local car parks on Sundays:

Public consultation on the new parking charges is due to begin this week and will be available online at

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