Leap Year children, ranging in ages, gathered at The Falcon Hotel in Bude at midday on February 29, to finally celebrate their birthday — but luckily there were a few ‘responsible’ adults in attendance.

There was a strong turn out this year, with 11 ‘leaplings’ as they are commonly known, having travelled from across the region to celebrate on their special day which only happens once every four years.

The event was organised by Christopher Darwin of Bridgerule, who this year celebrates his ‘twentieth’ birthday.

He said: “We had another jolly time with a lunchtime gathering at the Falcon Hotel, Bude.

“Some of the responsible adults took photographs of the group — we were 11 (one no-show).”

“Local BBC and ITV were there at the Falcon from midday for some time - I invited them to join the party.”

The fun didn’t stop there however.

Following the frivolity, Christopher and his wife travelled on and found themselves party to a special proposal.

Another leap year tradition sees women provided with an opportunity to propose to their partners should their significant other ‘take too long to do so’.

Christopher was delighted to witness this tradition play out on his birthday.

He said: “After the lunchtime party, my wife Heather dragged me away to a hotel near Chagford.

“Curiously, we found ourselves in conversation with a young couple - the lady was about to take advantage of February 29 to propose to the gentleman. 

“Heather encouraged him to say ‘Yes’ — difficult to refuse with a genuine Leaper lurking nearby.”