You have asked for thoughts in respect of the demolition of the new primary school in Launceston. 

It would be interesting to know who the original main contractor was and what the site manager was doing during this time. I assume as with any building being constructed inspection is required at stages throughout the build and surely these construction issues should have been discovered earlier. 

As the company is now in administration it looks like there will be no way to rectify the loss of money spent. The identity of the replacement contractor would be interesting to know and also who will be in charge of the building to see that the mistakes that have been made are rectified correctly. 

I wonder how much it is going to cost to rebuild? With education in need of money this waste is criminal and due to the incompetence of officials in charge. This probably affects a lot of families who maybe bought their houses because of the primary school being available. Those children will most likely be going to the college before the primary school is up and running. I walk this way quite often and will be watching developments with interest.

Angela Wooldridge