LARGE vehicles could be banned from entering Castle Street in Launceston if a new traffic regulation order (TRO) is approved.

HGVs getting stuck on the tight corner of this road have long been a problem in the town centre. Now, the Town Council has agreed to request a TRO which would see a width and height restriction applied. The TRO request will be submitted for consideration in the next round for the Launceston Community Network Area – and will also include new signs, to stop HGVs from entering Castle Street.

A spokesperson from The Eagle House Hotel said: “Lorries tend to get stuck and then they don’t deliver.

“It’s not been a massive issue for us however our main concern is inconsiderate parking and therefore things like fire trucks not being able to get through.”

They added: “I think its defiantly a good idea as articulated lorries cannot get through there”