BRASS band composer and arranger Kevin Ackford has returned to where it all started for him 56 years ago to direct Holsworthy Town Band.

Kevin’s musical career began at the age of six, sat next to his late father Michael, playing for the Holsworthy Town Band. At the age of nine he won the children’s class of BBC radio’s ‘Search For A Star’ competition and at 12 became the youngest person in the UK to hold a principal position in a championship section band.

Kevin’s composing and arranging career began in the 1980’s with his euphonium solo “Cornish Sunset.” He sent the score to world renowned composer Goff Richards who encouraged him to have it published.

In January the band’s musical director sadly left to take up another position. A cry for help was put to Kevin who didn’t hesitate and called a rehearsal the very next evening.

He said: “This is the band that gave me my start in music, and I will do everything that I can to help rebuild it. The band rehearses on a Thursday evening from 7.30pm. Anyone who is interested in coming along to a rehearsal will be welcomed regardless of age or experience.”