A BOUNDARY stone with the inscription ‘BC 1839’ has made its way to Bude Museum thanks to a member of the public and the Bude Youth Theatre group.

When Richard Wolfenden-Brown was doing research for his play ‘Hidden Depths’, performed from March 27 to 30, about the Bude Canal he was contacted by Martin Coombe, now living at Horrabridge, who said he had a boundary stone inscribed BC 1839 from the canal and a milepost, which he had acquired 55 years ago when he was living at Tamarton Farm.

Boundary stones mark the start of a land boundary and the frequent disputes between farmers or landowners and the canal owners over boundaries were featured in the play.

Mr Coombe has donated the stone to Bude Youth Theatre and not only did it have a role in the play, but so did Mr Coombe and his wife who became characters portrayed by Bobbo Peers and Daisy Brown. The stone and milepost are now being donated to Bude Museum.