Crematorium development plans cause concern

Wednesday 4th September 2019 7:23 am

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A PRE-application for a new crematorium facility on land west of the A39 at Poundstock has caused much debate in the area — with a number of local residents making representations to the parish council.

The pre-application for advice, submitted by Mr Howard Smith, has since closed [August 14], with advice being offered by the council, but some residents are concerned of the implications to the area should this development go ahead.

One resident contacted the Post to raise his concerns. John Sharp, of Widemouth Bay, said: “Most of the local residents expressed disbelief and alarm that such a proposal was being made.

“There is indeed great concern here in the locality of Widemouth Bay regarding this proposal which was the reason for the Poundstock Parish Council meeting of July 30 being so well attended.”

Mr Sharp said it was the lack of publicity of such an important application for the area that had first concerned him: “Despite this development arguably representing the most significant change to the area in its history, there has been no attempt by the council to make local people aware. Although at a pre-development stage, and thus there is no obligation for wider publicity, the significant material change to the area makes this of paramount importance.

“I have informed many people in the area who were totally unaware of the plans.”

Mr Sharp was also concerned that local representation was not being taken into account properly by the parish council. He added: “The objections submitted to the parish council will not be taken forward in any way by the parish. They informed us that the objections raised, (we had a full six minutes to do this) are only intended to judge local feeling.”

However, chair of Poundstock Parish Council, Cllr Steve Pawley, gave assurances that the public representation had been duly noted at the meeting and a copy sent on to Cornwall Council.

He said: “The parish council suspended standing orders at the last meeting so that members of the public would have adequate time to put forward their feelings about the proposal for a crematorium. There was a sizeable attendance and several people spoke or read prepared statements. These comments were all duly noted, and copies of the written statements forwarded to the council. It is not the practice to debate pre-app notices, and the council will not express a corporate view until the matter is discussed when a full planning application has been made.”


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