A couple have submitted a pre-planning application enquiry for advice on whether their plans to rejuvenate a farmstead would be acceptable. Rick and Fernanda Stathers have provided details of their proposals for Trewinnick Farm, Tintagel to Cornwall Council.

Their plans include building a new family home, converting a farmhouse into a holiday let, a new home, a glamping area, changing a barn into a “multifunctional retreat venue”, creating a new indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and a new sauna and treatment building.

In documents submitted to the council they explain: “We purchased Trewinnick and moved there in 2019 to explore regenerative agricultural practices that will help to store carbon, enhance biodiversity and, in time, provide alternative income sources.

“To assist and complement that objective we wish to optimise Trewinnick’s agri-tourism potential. Initially this would be through the establishment of holiday term lets (of which there is already one successful cottage) and introduce a low-key glamping offer.

“Over the medium term, and once we have established multiple holiday lets/glamping accommodation we would look to enhance this income through developing Trewinnick’s venue potential with an indoor space for yoga retreats, forest gardening and ethical farming, and courses on sustainable living(e.g. plant based diets and sustainable finance), or simply a venue for extended family gatherings to celebrate birthdays and the like.”

To find out more about the proposals search for application number PA23/00165/PREAPP.