The Rally for Trevalga event which had been organised for this weekend has been postponed following discussions with a potential buyer of the estate.

The event, which aimed to place the “Battle for Trevalga” in the wider contexts of the challenges faced by Cornwall, such as its threatened heritage and lack of affordable housing for local people has been postponed until further notice after the group met with potential buyer Barry Hearn.

Barry Hearn, English sporting events promoter and the founder and president of promotions company Matchroom Sport, has expressed an interest in purchasing the historic estate.

Following the meeting, Serena Partrick, organiser of the Battle for Trevalga, said: “On October 19, the tenants of Trevalga attended an evening of informal discussion with Barry Hearn. Mr Hearn was very welcoming and friendly. He assured us that, should he make a successful offer, no one would be evicted without reason. However, he did advise that some of us are “paying too little” and confirmed that rents may rise beyond what we can afford.

“Mr Hearn also spoke of holiday lets in some of Trevalga’s houses, celebrity weddings in the church of St Petroc, and knocking down our Manor House to build a £1,000 plate restaurant.

“He would not engage in any discussion about the history of Trevalga or its importance as a part of our shared heritage. In light of this, the decision was made to postpone our Rally for Trevalga until the Parish has had a chance to digest these developments and discuss them at an official meeting. All speakers have happily agreed to join us in a month’s time, and we hope to release the new date soon.

“Change is coming to Trevalga, whether in the form of new Trustees or a new owner, all we can do is try to navigate it in the best way we can for the Manor and for the residents.”