LOCAL students helped a Whitstone resident celebrate her 100th birthday last week. 

It’s not every day you turn 100 years old, and for Whitstone resident Marion Bonnet, April 19 marked a once in a century occasion.

Marion is a resident at St Anne’s Residential Home in Whitstone. With the big day planned, the event was made even more special when she received a visit from some local students.

A spokesperson from St Anne’s said: “Marion has been a resident with us at St Anne’s Residential Home in Whitstone since 2020 and it was an absolute honour to share this milestone with her and her family today.”  

As well as receiving a very precious letter from HM King Charles III to mark the occasion, Marion also received a special visit from some of the pupils from Year 3 and 4 of Whitstone Primary School.  

Donning their very best party outfits, the surprise made the day even more memorable.  

A spokesperson continued: “The class made a beautiful, personalised card and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. The children were also lucky enough to be able to join Marion in opening her birthday card from King Charles III.”  

St Anne’s has thanked the students for their visit and congratulated Marion on her big day.