Bodmin Town Council have hit out after equipment in the town’s new skate park was vandalised.

This latest graffiti incident comes amid what the town council describes as another spate of attacks on Bodmin Town Council property.

The latest act of vandalism comes after recent graffiti in the Priory Park toilets.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Bodmin Town Council hit out at the vandals, saying that the vandalism costs the town council time and money, adversely impacting on the community.

It added that it will soon produce a report indicating how much the cost of vandalism is to the town council and therefore the public purse.

A spokesperson for Bodmin Town Council said: “Unfortunately, over the weekend Bodmin Town Council property has been the victim of another spate of graffiti and vandalism. This time at the skate park in Priory Park, where the bins, signs and skate park itself were targeted.

“This follows graffiti discovered in the Priory Park toilets on Friday, February 11. Vandalism costs the Town Council time and money to put right, adversely impacting on the community. Thankfully, our facilities team were on hand to clean the graffiti but there is always some residue and sometimes it is not possible to completely remove.

“In the coming months Bodmin Town Council will be producing and releasing a report on the cost of vandalism to the Town Council and therefore the public purse.

“The skate park is a wonderful resource provided by Bodmin Town Council, especially with the lighting that was completed last month, enabling skating well into the twilight hours.

“We have received positive feedback that the skate park helps promote both mental and physical well being for those who use it. Therefore, it is particularly frustrating and unfortunate when facilities such as this are abused by acts of vandalism.

“Here at Bodmin Town Council we take pride in keeping our buildings, parks and open spaces clean and tidy for the benefit of the community.”

They shared some photos of the graffiti, but said that others could not be shown due to “inappropriate language and imagery”.

“If you have been witness to graffiti or vandalism taking place, please do not hesitate to contact the police,” they added.