Darren and Polly Tait of Darren’s Cars, based at St Ann’s Chapel, made a special delivery over the Easter period.

The couple dropped off a number of eggs to Delaware Pre-School, after they announced their pupils wouldn’t be getting any.

“We would normally support the CHICKS charity at Easter by donating eggs from ourselves, our drivers and our local community so that each person on the Easter break would have an Easter egg,” explained Darren.

The couple decided to collect and donate the eggs themselves and with the help of Morrisons, got in touch with Delaware Pre-School and offered as many eggs as required, delivering 75 in total.

But they didn’t stop there. Darren continued: “We were still left with over 100 Easter eggs which we decided to take to Derriford Hospital for the children’s ward.”

On top of this, they recently announced they would offer free travel for NHS workers in their local area.