St Stephen’s School in Launceston has been celebrating student’s achievements this week. 

Some of the school’s stand-out pupils have been able recognised as ‘Gold Table Superstars’! 

Each Friday one pupil is selected from each class by staff in the school and they get the chance to have their lunch with the headteacher, sharing why they’ve been selected as this week’s superstar. 

Speaking to the Post, headteacher, Maura Furber said: “I am incredibly lucky to get to share my lunch with them, find out a little bit more about each other and celebrate each others achievements. 

“How fantastic that they are ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ for demonstrating our school and British values, being determined and resilient in their learning and by how they conduct themselves around our school. 

“One pupil said he was there for being recognised as “ a good role model for my friends to help them when they struggle”, another said they were there for “always showing kindness to others” and one pupil said they were there because “I have learnt to believe in myself.” 

“Team St Stephens you are absolutely the best!”