NSPCC Number Day 2023 Maths Cultural Capital was celebrated at St Stephens Community Academy, Launceston.

On Friday, February 3, the children came into school covered in numbers or dressed as someone who uses numbers in their job.

Maura Furber, headteacher, said: “We were inundated with teachers, footballers, medical teams, office workers and programmers to name but a few! A huge thank you to our school community for their support and for all generous donations to this wonderful and worthwhile charity that we support every year. As part of our cultural capital learning each class learned about a different leading mathematician , their influence and the impact their work has had on the world that we live in today.

“From Florence Nightingale in the early years classes, through to Marjorie Lee Brown, Ada Lovelace, Benjamin Banneker, Mary Somerville, Katherine Johnson and Alan Turin in the Key Stage 2 classes.”

What a brilliant fun and informative day the all had.

Many thanks were expressed to Ms Neale, maths lead, for co-ordinating this mathematical day.

In the words of one child: “Maths really is used everywhere – I’ve come dressed as me because I certainly use it everyday. Maths is brilliant!”