The sight and scent of blooming bluebells covering a woodland floor on a warm spring day is one of the most magical experiences nature has to offer and with over half the global population of bluebells flowering on these shores, Britain’s beautiful blue spring is a quintessential part of our native landscape.

One of the best places to see this springtime spectacle with the National Trust is in Pentire, North Cornwall. Not only will you be rewarded with spectacular views of the coast and countryside, you’ll also be immersed in a sea of bluebells on the coastal cliff side looking out over Lundy Bay and towards Tintagel castle in the distance.  Alongside bright yellow gorse and red campion, the colourful natural display is situated along the South West Coast Path and is also accessible by one of the coastal Tramper routes (you can pre-book the Tramper by emailing [email protected])

Mike Beeston National Trust Gardens & Parks Advisor for the National Trust said: “Those winter blues seem to melt away when bluebells are mentioned. These true heralders of spring are as much a key part of our natural heritage as any other flower. Stand at the edge of a bluebell wood breathe in deeply, take in the delicate sweet scent and marvel at one of nature’s truly spectacular events.  Bluebells are slow to establish themselves, so if you stumble upon a deeply carpeted blue haze it’s likely to be ancient woodland.”