The Cornwall Pride Bus tour is coming back to Cornwall and will be visiting Camelford, Launceston and Callington over the weekend. 

Cornwall Pride want to shine a positive message of Love and Kindness supporting their entire community with the aim of a #HateFreeCornwall as the only Pride Tour in the World.

The Bus Tour will have local entertainment, community organisations, local and national activists and the Biggest Pride Flag in the UK.

The bus will be visiting your local area tomorrow (February 25). 

Pride bus times for tomorrow on February 25
Pride bus times for tomorrow on February 25 ( )

To achieve all of this in the safest way, the event will have registered volunteers, crew and entertainment who will join us for the entire event. We have a robust safety plan, alongside other measures that could be required, to ensure we always have the highest standards.

CEO of Cornwall Pride Matthew Kenworthy Gomes commented: "With speakers and different activities within indoor locations, this is our opportunity to come together to live, laugh, celebrate & bring a very real stand in #solidarity for all marginalised people in our community and bring all communities together within our LGBTQ+ community and beyond. Let’s join together to share Cornwall Pride’s values. #LoveWhoYouWantToLove #BeWhoYouWantToBe”

A spokesperson from Cornwall Pride explained: "We are asking everyone who joins us at the locations to donate to Cornwall Pride so we can continue to support through all our charitable projects in 2023: The 11 Community Prides, Partners Pride Pledge and “Friends of “TOWN”” plaques, Peer to Peer support (Penguin Soup) workshops and mentoring, building community resilience across Cornwall, Bite size LGBTQ+ education packs, Full educational & Organisation training." 

Please see Cornwall Prides social media for timings and locations.