HAVING returned from a busy summer holiday schedule of classes, The Music Train, Bude, is happy to announce that it is celebrating its first birthday.

Since the exciting launch in September, 2009, at The Parkhouse Centre, they have been offering music and movement sessions of the very highest standard.

Uniquely to other sessions in the area, one of the main features is offering age appropriate classes. This means that babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers each learn at a pace and level that is just right for them.

Hayley Ayres, Music Train Teacher, said: "It is of the utmost importance to break down the sessions into different age groups, as a baby at four-months-old has vastly different needs to that of a child just about to start school. Our re-booking statistics, along with feedback from parents, would suggest we pitch this correctly"

Offering varied yet structured classes, enjoyed by both adult and child, it is a great way for children to learn whilst having fun. Providing the rare opportunity for pre-school children to explore 'hands on' with a wide range of instruments from the orchestra and around the world, Hayley has been delighted with the way her ideas have been received.

She added: "This half term we are concentrating on the 'String family' where each child in the toddler and pre school groups gets their own guitar. This is in addition to exploring a violin, full size cello and autoharp. There has been a real buzz."

Having specifically trained in early years music education, teaching and psychology, as well as being a pianist and mum to two young boys, Hayley knows exactly what makes a young child tick. She also understands that each and every child is different and magically captures the imagination and attention of even the youngest infant.

Katherine Smith, who recently attended with her three-year-old son Patrick, said: "Hayley's enthusiam and passion for music combined with her natural ability with children is a winning combination and makes the classes very enjoyable"