Ruth Kitcher-Paige from Holsworthy lost her Herman tortoise, ‘Mouse’, on May 22. Mouse had been given to Ruth as a wedding present from her husband. She had also been hatched on the same day as her youngest son in June 2016. 

“She’s always been symbolic for me,” Ruth commented. 

Ruth explained that Mouse is kept in a tortoise house in the winter, but as the weather had been warmer she was letting Mouse explore the garden. 

“We have a golden retriever called Luna who I’ve done scent work with and usually she will find Mouse for me, but four days ago Luna couldn’t find her. I’ve been looking for hours in the garden, gutting undergrowth away so I can see if she has burrowed anywhere but she is so camouflaged she could be right under my nose and I could miss her.” Ruth explained.  

However, almost a week later after Ruth had been desperately searching for her beloved pet, Mouse was found hiding in the garden. 

“We were doing another check around the garden and I spotted her in the undergrowth walking along. She’s had a bath and food and she’s doing really well. We are all delighted!” Ruth commented.