Town council upholds overnight car parking ban

Wednesday 7th February 2018 4:00 pm

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THERE was a lively debate regarding whether cars and camper vans should be allowed to park overnight within Bude’s beach car parks at the town’s latest full council meeting at the Parkhouse Centre on Thursday, February 1.

Under current Cornwall Council rules, there is supposed to be no overnight parking on the car parks it owns.

Cornwall Councillor for Bude, Peter La Broy said: “There seems to be a brave new world on motor homes and they won’t go in common parks. There seems to be a new shift but the worry is, if we ban them from the beaches they’ll be on the streets instead, maybe we need to look at if one of those car parks may work overnight?”

In reply, Cllr Bob Willingham said: “For example, the camper vans are banned at the moment at Summerleaze but it doesn’t stop them,” to which Cllr La Broy agreed, adding: “It’s currently unforceable, we can’t do much about it.”

Cllr Simon Browning said: “The worry I have is that if you open one car park, it’ll become a magnet,” to which Cllr Peter Kelly replied: “Why are we making decisions for Cornwall Council?”

Cllr Heather Partridge added: “I’d like to keep the ban in place, I don’t see why it should change.”

Deputy mayor, Cllr Lea Deely, who was chairing the meeting in the absence of mayor Peter Moores, said: “So how should we respond to Cornwall Council or shall we just note it?”

Cllr La Broy said: “How about we welcome the ban but ask for them to look at people parking on the streets?”

Cllr Partridge replied: “I don’t see the necessity, leave it as it is.”

Cllr Deely said: “If you go in late enough they don’t have to pay,” while Cllr Browning added: “If they get rid of the evening car parking charges across the county it won’t matter anyway.”

Cllr Deely again asked: “What is the will of the council?”, to which Cllr Bob Willingham proposed to support the ban of overnight car parking at Crooklets, the Wharf, Summerleaze and the Crescent.

Cllr Frank Partridge seconded it with all councillors in favour apart from Cllr La Broy who abstained from the vote.

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