Trigg Morris Dancers entertained audiences in Launceston this Easter Monday, displaying some traditional routines to locals.

What better way is there to spend a bank holiday than by enjoying some traditional entertainment. Trigg Morris Dancers are a Morris dance group from Bodmin who tour the county performing for residents.

Established in 1971, the group perform dances of the “Cotswold” style, with four members of the original crew still part of the group. While some might not be dancing, they’re still doing their bit to help out.

Speaking to the Post, Trigg member, Roger Hancock explained why the group love Morris and love performing. He said: “We perform to show the dances we have enjoyed learning and to show them to those just interested in watching the show.

“We dance out in public every week from the beginning of May to early September.”

When asked about the importance of Morris dance in Cornwall, Roger explained: “It might be considered less important to Cornwall than in the areas where it survived longer, I.e. Cotswolds, Midlands, North East etc. But it should not be forgotten that one of the earliest written references to Morris anywhere was at Lanherne in 1467, although there was little description of any performance.

“To me the Morris is one of those British traditions that merit being maintained, along with all those other recreations the nation has. As a nation we do not always seem to take a pride in what we have in our own customs and history as many other countries do.”