A newly-built school in Launceston, which did not meet building regulation standards, is being torn down. 

Over the last few months residents have expressed their concern after it was announced the Launceston Primary School, which was only recently developed, was marked for demolition. 

Many locals were left asking why. The Post contacted the Department for Education (DfE) when the plans were announced.

A spokesperson said: “The main contractor originally appointed by DfE unexpectedly went into administration in March 2022, leaving several construction issues that do not comply with the DfE’s strict construction standards.

“Detailed surveys of the buildings have been completed to identify the extent of these issues and a plan of action has been agreed with the replacement main contractor to rectify and complete the works and ensure that the new building is fully compliant with the DfE’s strict quality and safety requirements.

“Works are anticipated to be complete in Summer 2024.”

With the site now fenced-off demolition excavators have moved in to begin taking the structure apart, before the school is to be rebuilt.

What do you think about the plans to demolish the school? Send a letter to: [email protected]