Even though the sharp frosts of mid December turned the countryside into a picturesque Christmas card scene it made for very unsafe travelling and walking conditions.

Therefore, in the interests of safety, the Holsworthy Walk and Talk group cancelled all walks in that week which they have not had to do before.

During the Clawton walk a few weeks earlier they came across a post box embedded into the wall of an old building on the side of the road. On closer inspection they found that the box bore the inscription of the Royal Cypher of King Edward VII who reigned for 10 years from January 1901 to May 1910 and is the grandfather of King Charles III. What a lot of written history has been posted there over the years and it looked as though it is still in use.

A group of rather damp walkers last month were rewarded with a spectacular rainbow over Roadford Lake which was caught on camera and kindly sent over for the archive. All of the group’s photographs can be found on the website together with up to date information on walks and lots of other interesting information.

If anyone would like to join on any of the walks and find interesting snippets of local history or spectacular views amongst all the physical and psychological benefits of walking in a group then come along.

They walk on Mondays and Fridays. All walks start at 10.30am and are free. Membership forms are available from the volunteer walk leader prior to the start of the walk.

The website has lots of up-to-date information, together with the current programme of walks, details below.

Email [email protected] or visit the website holsworthywalkandtalk.co.uk

Alternatively, call one of the volunteer walk leaders: Gillian Aston 07854 677784; Mike Jackson 01409 261196; or Paul Davies 01409 253250.