The Friends of Bude Sea Pool have recently issued a warning to the public, due to maintanence work required in and around the pool.

There is currently a leak from the pool sluice gates, which is how the water levels are controlled in the pool and at this moment in time the issue cannot be dealt with, therefore people are advised to exert caution.

Also, walkers around Bude Sea Pool should be aware that the middle beach steps are broken and therefore completely out of action.

People walking on the beach and along the cliffs are being advised to stay well clear of the rocks, as there have been several rock falls recently.

This is the time of year when the Friends of Bude Sea Pool usually carry out their annual works and maintenance, but due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, this cannot be done.

Despite the words of warning, the Friends of Bude Sea Pool said: “Meanwhile we wish everyone all our best and look forward to seeing you back in Bude once it is safe to do so.”