What a transformation! Bude roundabout sculptures in place

Tuesday 21st November 2017 6:00 pm
Project leaders Sue Read and Jane Adams with the group of volunteers who have helped create Agan Fordh a Dro. ()

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AFTER 18 months of planning and a heap of community spirit, ‘Agan Fordh a Dro’ or ‘Our Roundabout’ in Bude now has its main sculpture pieces in place.

The roundabout is on the Bude-Stratton boundary and is commonly referred to locally as the ‘Morrisons roundabout’.

The sculptures are three, double-sided laser cut steel surfboards, which the project leaders — two friends, Sue Read, local artist and Jane Adams, retired headteacher and resident of over 40 years — say reflect what Bude is about; its culture, climate and heritage.

The sculptures now sit proudly on what is known locally as the ‘Morrisons roundabout’.

Speaking about the project, Sue and Jane said: “We would be so proud to hear it called ‘Our Roundabout’ or ‘Agan Fordh a Dro’ rather than its current name because then it will truly be a part of our thriving community.”

The surfboards have been manufactured by Bott Ltd, of Bude, using Sue and Jane’s designs and although they are grey now the surfaces will gradually rust in the salt air, and ‘look magnificent against our Cornish skies’.

Sue and Jane say everyone will need to be patient while this transformation occurs. Over the next few weeks Sue, Jane and a group of volunteers will be working on the roundabout to landscape the surface before they too can sit back and watch the transformation.

The ladies are planning to officially mark the completion of the work soon. They are also looking to create a storyboard recognising the various stages in the development of Agan Fordh a Dro and the generosity of those who have been involved in supporting their dream.

They added: “We have been lucky to have worked with so many positive people throughout this project. It’s been an amazing experience to initiate, develop and share. Now we await people’s reactions.”

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