SOUTH West Lakes’ brown trout fisheries are now closed until next March, writes Chris Hall. 

Autumn weather conditions have brought winds and heavy rain, with most of the reservoirs now full, and Roadford and Colliford water levels on the rise. 

The South West Fly Fair at Roadford will be Sunday, February 25 – see the South West Lakes website for more details.

The South West Lakes Trout Fisheries Report for November is as follows:


The fishing became more challenging as the month progressed, with anglers averaging just under five fish per rod in the first fortnight, dropping down to 1.5 fish in the second. 

The boats fared marginally better than the bank anglers, with Hawthorn Point, Boat Bay, Clampitts Bay and Smithacott producing the best sport. 

Early in the month, fish were caught on or near the surface using Hoppers and Daddies, or Diawl Bachs and Damsel nymphs, but as the month progressed the fish moved deeper and sinking lines were needed, fished with either a selection of nymph patterns (again Damsels and Diawl Bachs, Buzzers and Montanas) or lures (Crunchers, Minkies, Blobs, Bullseyes and Boobies).


Two Meadows and Stocky Bay produced the best sport, with fish feeding near the surface, and floating or intermediate lines fished with lure patterns (Cats Whisker, Black Fritz) or sunk nymphs (Goldhead Montana) and a fast roly-poly retrieve producing the best results.


Anglers averaged just over two fish per rod during the month, with Pig Trough, Longstone, Back Bay and Bennetts producing the most consistent sport. 

Fish were not too deep, and intermediate or floating lines with long leaders proved to be most successful, fished with either the occasional dry Daddy, or more often with subsurface nymphs (Damsels, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and Monatanas) or lure patterns (Orange Goldhead Fritz and Orange Blobs). 

Alan Clements, from Plymouth, caught three rainbows to 1lb 13oz in an evening session, using a static dry Daddy or Orange Lures with a medium retrieve. 

Alan Lawson, from Plymouth, caught three rainbows to 1lb 12oz in a morning session, using an orange and black Stalking Bug and buzzers.


Anglers averaged just over one fish per visit during the month, with Sluice Bank, Deep Bank, Hollis and Mossops producing the best fishing. 

Floating lines with a sink tip were the favoured method, with fish taking Daddies and Deer Hair Caddis from the surface, or sub-surface Nomads, Bibios, Cormorants and Grizzle Mink patterns.

South West Lakes’ rainbow waters stay open until December 31. 

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