CORNWALL'S Premier Short Mat Bowling team made the journey to Wincanton to face Somerset last Sunday in the ESMBA Inter County Championship, writes Nicholas Truscott.

Cornwall started well, taking two wins and a draw from the first session, with Luke Jolly 15-9 in the Singles, John Reed & Martin Boraston 14-8 and Elise Daniell & David Studden 14-14 in the Pairs scoring the points for Cornwall. 

The second session saw Cornwall again take two wins and a draw, with Simon Lees, Mark Slack and Percy Tripp 9-9 in the Triples, Morgan Lees, Ray Jeffery, Richard Kerr & Neil Gribble 11-5 and Sandra Worton, John Worton, Nicholas Truscott & Peter Hore 14-4 in the Fours. Cornwall led 10-6 at the interval.

The third session saw three wins for Cornwall, with Jolly 18-7 in the Singles, Daniell & Studden 12-10 and Reed & Boraston 16-9 in the Pairs.

Cornwall also secured the bonus points for the Pairs to take an 8-4 advantage for the session and extend their lead to 18-10.

The final session was closely contested with Cornwall taking a win and a draw from the session, with Dennis Shorthouse, Mark Payne & Steve Smith 12-12 in the Triples and Sandra Worton, John Worton, Truscott & Hore 9-8 in the Fours, where Cornwall also secured the bonus points.

The final match score Somerset 17 points 174 shots – Cornwall 23 points 180 shots.  

In the other South West group match on Sunday, Devon drew 20-20 at home to Dorset. After two rounds of matches, Dorset and Devon are tied on 28 points with Cornwall on 35 and Somerset on 29.

Whilst Cornwall’s A Team had a weekend off Devon won 25-15 against Dorset. In the A Team competition, Dorset have 33 points from two matches, Devon 25 from one match and Cornwall 22 from one match.

Singles: Mark Williams (Lanteglos) 23-4 & 16-8, Luke Jolly (Holmans) 9-15 & 7-18.

Pairs: David Studden (Holmans) & Elise Daniell (Holmans) 14-14 & 10-12, Martin Boraston (Duloe) & Jon Reed (Duloe) 8-14 & 9-16.

Triples: Percy Tripp (Helston), Mark Slack (Duloe) & Simon Lees (Newlyn Trinity) 9-9 & 13-11, Steve Smith (St Newlyn East), Mark Payne (Penzance) & Dennis Shorthouse (Landrake) 19-9 & 12-12.

Fours: Neil Gribble (Landrake), Richard Kerr (Landrake), Ray Jeffery (Newlyn Trinity) & Morgan Lees (Newlyn Trinity) 5-11 & 8-4, Peter Hore (Holmans), Nicholas Truscott (Holmans), John Worton (St Newlyn East) & Sandra Worton (St Newlyn East) 4-14 & 7-8.

Both Cornwall teams are next in action on Sunday, November 5, when Dorset visit Carnmoggas.

Meanwhile, four bowlers from Duloe will take part in the ESMBA Torquay Leisure Hotels Pairs on Saturday and Fours on Sunday.

The players taking part are Martin Boraston, Mark Slack, Alan Trubshaw and Caroline Trubshaw.