THE 2024 Cornwall Cricket League Premier T20 Kernow Crash has been postponed following record levels of rain in recent weeks.

In a statement, the Cornwall Cricket League said: “Following consultation with all ten Premier Division clubs, the Cornwall Cricket League management committee has agreed to cancel this year’s competition that was due to be played over the first four Saturdays of the season from April 13 to May 4.

“It follows the wettest winter on record with double average rainfall and the forecast of an unsettled April.

“This is placing our volunteer groundskeepers, on whom we rely to get on games on and prepare pitches to the high standard expected by modern-day club cricketers, in an impossible situation which is worsening by the day. It will allow groundskeepers to concentrate on preparing for Premier Division cricket commencing on May 11.”

Reflecting on the recent weather, a groundsman said: “In 30-plus years, the ground has never been as bad as this.

“It is far too soft for any cylinder mower or light, medium or heavy rollers, and there is no prospect at present of using those in April. Conditions are getting worse and worse.”

By making the decision, the league hopes to: 1 – take the pressure off volunteer groundskeepers who currently need at least two or three weeks of drying winds and sunshine, and little or no rain, to get their waterlogged squares and outfields playable and up to the required standard.

2 – Take the pressure off those Premier Division teams who have made it clear to the CCL that they prefer not to play on Sundays (unless it is Finals Day). Cancellation now would avoid conflict between clubs and the possible concession of rearranged T20s.

It is hoped that conditions might improve enough for some pre-season 50-over friendlies on the couple of Saturdays before the Premier Division commences.

As usual, the other divisions in the CCL, including County Division One, can mutually agree to reschedule games for any Sundays or Bank Holidays throughout the season proving seven days notice is given.

If not mutually agreed, cancelled fixtures awards will be awarded six points each.