Students and staff at Lydford Primary School are celebrating after its most recent Ofsted inspection rated the school as ‘good’. 

The school, part of Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust, was praised by inspectors for its “calm and purposeful” environment and the “high level of respect” with which pupils treat each other; the older pupils’ understanding of the importance of caring for younger pupils and looking out for them at playtime and lunchtime was commended as well.

The report noted that pupils “relish” opportunities to be part of local community with activities, including singing and reading with older village residents. Pupils also contribute to the wider community as “guardians of Lydford Gorge” by helping to look after the local tourist attraction by litter picking and assisting with path maintenance.

Academically, the school was also deemed to have “high expectations for what all pupils can achieve” with a “well-designed” and “ambitious” curriculum. The report concludes pupils build knowledge well over time and teachers provide support or challenge pupils where necessary due to regular checks on the pupil’s progress.

Adam Hill, principal at Lydford Primary School, said: “We are absolutely delighted to continue being recognised as a Good school by Ofsted. The report’s findings reflect the continued hard work and dedication of my colleagues, our pupils and the wider community – something we are all very proud of.

“I am extremely excited to help continue school’s ongoing progress and success throughout this academic year and beyond. I look forward to seeing it continue to go from strength to strength and would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the school’s journey so far, in particular my colleagues both here and across the wider Trust for their guidance and support.”

Dan Morrow, CEO at Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust, added: “The team at Lydford should be extraordinarily proud of the praise received in this report and the work they have done to create such a positive and welcoming learning environment for the pupils it serves. 

“We look forward to continuing to support Adam and his team as the school goes on to deliver the same excellent standards of teaching, learning and wellbeing."